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Assessing dress shoes for women the personality of the other person is not an easy matter, but we can see it from different angles. Believe it or not the selection of footwear or shoes could be one of the aspects in the assessment of a person's personality. From the first shoes and women known to have a very close relationship. Not surprisingly, in addition functions to support the emergence of a woman becomes the shoe is also considered as a mirror of the personality of the wearer.

High Heels (High Heels)

High heels are often identified with the impression sexy, romantic and sensual. Women love to wear high heels tend to have an emotional nature, love a challenge, take a stand, and always wanted to be the center of attention. Although basically lack the confidence to choose these shoes to attract the attention of others.

High heel shoes

Flat shoes (flat shoes)

Flat shoes are often identified with the energetic and feminine impression. Women who love to wear these shoes generally have high confidence, friendly, sociable, fun and easy to get along with others. Above all, a fan of this shoe has a child and very fond of shopping character. Using this type of footwear is able to provide a sense of comfort, which allows the user to perform various activities.

Flat shoes

High wedges typically used more often by people who have a strong, confident, cheerful, open character, although it is sometimes difficult to predict. This is a personal love shoes that are not too complicated to discuss, but is known to hesitate in making decisions. They tend to be attracted to men who are trustworthy and reliable.

High wedges shoes

Choice Models describe women's shoes with simple, practical and romantic personality. Women love to wear shoes like this was known as a fun, open, has a vast knowledge, and have many friends.



Classic Pumps Shoes Model

Pumps is a shoe that has a low cut in the front and has the right of all non-acute alias. This type of shoe is a mandatory accessory for professional women. Women who love to wear these shoes basically have an intellectual high, as the basics, hardworking, reliable, very close friends and family, caring and always willing to give.

Sport shoes Model

Women like to wear sports shoes are usually a creative, joyful and very happy to be among people who love people, but tend to be conservative and difficult to accept the changes. They have a high moral and not sure despair even feel easily satisfied. Unfortunately bored easily and do not like routines. Women with this general type as macho men and flexible.


Boots to describe the type of woman with a very confident character. They are known for having a deep personality, always wanted to know and did not want to be tied to a particular view. Lovers of boots are usually born as an intelligent person, very sensitive, selfish and not easily trust others. Although impressed tomboy, which are the type of women who do not like violence could be considered non-violent.

Getting to know someone well is one of the many keys to success in a relationship. It would be prudent in assessing a person we stick to the principle of "do not judge a book by its cover" not only judge others by outward appearances.

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