Shoes, More unique model will be popular

When you attend the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton, April 2011, Victoria Beckham wears a discussion mode observer. Combined with a loose dress quality brands of mens   for downtown Victoria-time pregnant and black hat, the wife of David Beckham is wearing black satin made with the correct height 16.5 cm and 6.35 cm in front of the sole.

A few days after the imposition of the Victorian platform shoes pitching (front right shoes with high soles) Christian Louboutin shoes lovers alike in attack mode. Louboutin shoes in all the boutiques, stock Victorian shoes.

Victoria, who is a fan of Louboutin boots, never wearing shoes also of French origin with the right to reach 20 cm in height.

Shoes are not only due to striking high. Not infrequently, also by design. Lady Gaga as a fashion icon in the music scene, for example, has come up with a height of 15 cm without right shoes. Japanese planners work shoes, Noritaka Tatehana, focusing only on the front half of the foot.

The designs were worn by these celebrities who inspire planners and business owners shoes in Indonesia. In Bandung, for example, the Goddess Arrum (24) and Donna Turner (27) as owner of a label Prugna menjajal understand something new middle market appetite.

Goddess explains, the model is "horror" as worn Lady Gaga is actually quite safe and comfortable to wear. "When I walk, are more focused on the front foot. Presence or absence of the heel is not too much trouble," he said.

Although some of the designs are inspired by the phenomenon in cinema mode, the idea was always mixed with technical production capabilities and considerations of convenience. From the "ingredients" that appeared Prugna design. In the eyes of its customers, Prugna indeed offers a unique footwear.

"The eccentric model like makin people happy.'s Just, we realistically calculate the potential labor force and still be comfortable to wear," Dewi said.

Most are variations of Prugna wedges shoes, namely, the right shoes fused with the sun. One is shaped wedges under the heel curve, there is also a carved zigzag, or arranged with several colors at once model.

Wedges of models is considered "simple" and casual wear stilettos (shoes with thin right) make it even greater. Shaped wedges, Goddess and Donna also feel more wealthy can explore the design.

Traditional characteristics

Great market opportunity in the field of women's shoes made Liana Gunawan and duo Virry Nainggolan and Nova Cape in Jakarta launched shoes with brands and their special features.

The brand La Spina, Liana not only sell heels and wedges make up to 10-12 cm of visible female foot ladder, but also presented the beauty of Indonesia. The Spina use batik scrape, or Pinawetengan songket weaving, some of the many traditional cloth from Indonesia.

"I want to defend the traditional characteristics, but in a very mild way," Liana, who then makes a variety of shoes with lower rights, including flat shoes said.

Virry and Nova, the label released the V & N from January 2011, believed that women are more common than men's shoes in a business opportunity.

Based on the type of thick-soled shoes, the platforms and wedges, V & N has a similar international brand shoes design. With this model, variations in patterns and colors are generally at the top of the shoes. For this type of pump shoes (indoor shoes), for example, a leopard skin motif or a snakeskin signature.

Its unique features, occur in the sling back shoes (indoor shoes on the front and an open back with straps). Virry using photographs and pictures from a magazine that she is taking on the upper surface of the shoe.

Leaving mengoleksi favorite and wear shoes, especially high heels, and Nova Virry accept special order for high readings. The two girls even encourage buyers to order the shoes with a high of 10 cm and more. "Because it's sexy boot, making the ladder foot showing confidence," Nova said.

Shoes with thick soles and high heels are not really new to the world of modeling. As the fashion trends are always spinning, as a kind of platform shoe was popular in the 1970s. Not only for girls and adult women, platform shoes youth also apply, especially for shoes planes with the right model.

Based on history, high shoes slippers name has led women in Venice, Italy. Now, the man in charge of high-heeled shoes in Europe in the 17th century as a marker of power.

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