Tips on choosing comfortable footwear

Shoes or sandals can  support your comfortable dress shoes for standing. In addition, this footwear is also the best solution to instantly change the appearance. For example, when you want to look semi-formal while wearing jeans, you can add stilettos or wedges. On another occasion, when I want a more casual, sneakers perfect paired with jeans.


So beneficial for the appearance of footwear, ladies footwear so dependent on this. Unfortunately, most people become more focused on function rather than appearance alone comfort and health.


There are 7 types of footwear that can actually cause illness.



Indeed it comfortable wearing flip-flops, but it was not enough to ensure the foot does not hurt you know. In some cases, even pain in the ankle and tendons caused by the flip-flops.


"It should flip-flops is designed specifically to provide comfort and balance," said Dr.. Scheffler. Unfortunately, the industry is now more favor than the low price and security functions.



It is clear that stilettos may increase pressure on the foot. The danger, the tendon can be injured, sprained, or varicose veins. Stiletto also need balance in wearing it, so it can not be denied, some people have experienced strain or fall while wearing it.


In addition, it was reported that the cause of the bunion stilettos (foot disease).


Ballet Flats

Simple and convenient because no heels that make tired, but it turns out flats can also cause pain in the legs. According to the surgeon's foot, Lucille B. Andersen MD, currently the average shoe soles are not equipped with a good and comfortable padding. This is why when used in a long time, leg pain and fatigue.

Platform shoes

Even the platforms that we think have a comfortable and safe side cause foot pain. Dr.. Geoghan said "Platform not a bad choice, but can threaten the pressure on the foot, especially if the balance is influenced by body weight." Lower legs will generally get a greater pressure, especially the toe.

 Sneakers without socks

Sneakers are popular now makes us lazy wearing socks. The material alone is canvas, why must wear socks?


Research shows that socks can help absorb the sweat on the feet. If sweat is left attached to the shoes, the bacteria will congregate there and cause infection or fungus. Well, add another one it your health problems.


Short Boots

Short boot, too, are created to be worn without socks, make people forget that the feet are also sweaty. Although the material of boots made from animal skins that he has no pores and cause smelly feet, but leather nonetheless be an excellent medium for bacterial growth.


High Boots

Another threat comes when worn high boots. In addition to the threat of bacteria, fungi, high boots can also cause pressure on the calf and knee. Especially when the design or zippers bertemali full, there will be tremendous pressure, causing the skin can not breathe.


If all shoes and sandals that dangerous, then footwear which are safe and comfortable?



Flat shoes, flip flops, sneakers, footwear which is a higher security risk than stilettos. However, make sure you look for brands that consider comfort, not merely a design or price alone.

If indeed you are required to wear stilettos, avoid wearing too long or walk away with it.

Avoid shoes that are too heavy and membeani feet.

Choose shoes that make you feel comfortable and balanced, not easy to fall.

Avoid shoes that are too loose or too tight.

Always care leather shoes and wash in a routine so that bacteria will not thrive there.

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  1. doloresbrown

    I never really thought that the shoes I wore could do damage to my feet or legs. I try to get shoes with arch support because I have a high arch, but other than that I didn’t really care what kind of shoes I wore. Thanks for making me aware of what could happen if I’m not careful about my footwear.

    June 19, 2014
  2. celinesanderson

    Choosing the right footwear is immensely important! I’m currently looking for shoes that will help with my bunion issues. Isn’t there some gel that you can put in your shoes that help your joints and bunions? That’s definitely what I need to look into.

    February 04, 2015
  3. mrst1948

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    May 10, 2016