Wear shoes with heels (Heels) ruin the foot, knee and back you!

Modern women prefer to wear fashionable mens formal shoe styles with high heels to look cool and trendy, but ignore things that seem trivial but in reality this is a serious matter. Wearing high heels can actually damage the health of users 'long term'.

Wearing high heels is contrary to the normal structure of the feet and if done regularly use, put pressure on the bones of the toes. Until the end of this extra pressure will have a serious impact on the ankles, calves, knees and back also. In addition, there are some serious problems that arise, such as:

1. Hospital on foot.

2. Ankle injury.

3. Problems posture.

4. Osteoarthritis

5. Rigid muscles.

6. Joint degeneration.

7. Muscular Depreciation.

8. Bunion (eg bone growth at the base of the big toe).

9. Etc.

Numerous studies on the use of high heels made by experts from the American Bio Mechanical and Biological Scientists in the UK. Results confirm the impact of "damage to the body," and has also added that wearing high heels will have a "negative impact" on the lifestyle of women.

Wearing high heels regularly not only "drastically reduce the flexibility of the feet of women, but also makes them less efficient in other activities.

It does not waste time, because women unconsciously accustomed to wearing high heeled shoes air will be difficult to wear flat shoes (flat) in the activity.

And women who wear high heels in general have a tendency to run slowly, which in turn inhibits their progress is needed and physical exercise when racing against time.

Therefore it is always better to wear footwear that is flat, lightweight and flexible for long-term health. Compromise the health and comfort for the sake of fashion is not a good idea.


The facts in this article may cause brow furrowed and cynical, but this is the truth. The higher the heel, the greater the risk of damage to the body and you will win (as some have mentioned above).

If you are a fan of fashion, you can consider the impact that we have mentioned. You can still look fashionable with shoes or slippers that right is not too high, both in the workplace and social gatherings cute planes.

A good idea if you can manage habits and reduce wear high heels. Dancers at work, and high heels for party and casual gatherings.

Women who wear high heels force must often perform regular stretching exercises, running and other exercises. It's very torturing his own course.

There is nothing wrong with your appearance when wearing high heels to look smart, safe and sexy. But if they interfere with the activity and health, better think again to do so. Again we stress, so we did not use as often as possible.

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    May 05, 2016