Where come from the artificial Adidas shoes?

From experience selling Adidas kasut kasual memakai dengan jeans, a question that often arises is that Adidas shoes made in where? There the Cuman customers who simply want to know where the shoes are artificial, but there are also some exceptional false perception as if Adidas shoes are made in a particular country is of better quality than in other countries, or just the shoes made by Adidas country original target, while other countries made shoes or KW is false.


He has also been a customer a long talk with our shoes Adidas now no production in China karen factory was closed in 2012, requires quite a long time for us to convince concerned that China is one of the countries with the highest production of footwear Adidas world .


As a marketer Adidas Shoes, we are obliged to provide the information that is right about this. Adidas shoes in the model rules, design and quality are controlled by the Adidas International, and the world who have pointed factories that have been certified and capable of producing models of shoes according to your standards and quality specifications. So the production model of the shoes will be your orders to factories are accredited, and usually for the same model, will be produced in the factory / premises with a large amount, in order to obtain economic value and the lowest prices, as well as maintaining the consistent quality of all shoes for models. For example, soccer shoes and soccer shoes produced general living in Indonesia; sneakers are produced in China, Porsche Design widely produced in Vietnam, and so on. The output of all the factories in these countries recently sent to foreign countries that sell Adidas shoes, for example, in Indonesia, his representation is Pt. Adidas Indonesia, so that all existing orders distributed to major retailers appointed, and steps down to a small distributor, wholesaler, retailer, or sales outlets and shops.


So overall, the original adidas shoes made in any country, there are quality controlled by Adidas in accordance with the rules and criteria of the International Adidas, there was no relationship with the state in which the original poster, to distinguish the boots g / class, occasionally made a few different models in the series, such as soccer shoes, F5 general, the higher the F10, F30 class to F50 are used by professionals, also applies with Predator for Predito class , and Absolado Absolion.

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  1. scarlett_massy

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    March 18, 2016
  2. salijaaraen

    The best brand in shoes is the Addidas but now a day there comes the artificial shoes about this brand. In the uk essay servies reviews an article written in detail that from where people will get the copy of this brand shoe. This is because for saving their expensive.

    May 04, 2016